Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost There!!

Due Date

We are so excited to meet our new edition to our family soon! Still hoping to get some rest before the big day but very excited to meet our new little one non-the-less :)

I  just finished making
2 loaves of my gluten free multi-seed and multi-grain bread and Jack and Sean and I made up some Gluten Free Coconut Lime-Dark Chocolate Espresso Brownies and I just got done eating some yummo dost even need any  coconut whipping cream or anything .

The weather has been very Bi-Polar here, Rain, Snow, Hail, Sun or all at once lol and yesterday was the first day of spring lol :) now its all nice and sunny beautiful in the sun cold but beautiful! :)

 I cannot wait till the boys go down for quite time. Eleena just got up from a very odd timed nap but she needed it since she was up all night and then got up at 5am anyway ya me lol hahah :D

Hope you all are having a good day! :D

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st 2012, baby countown ugh

Okay I totally dislike this countdown time in pregnancy, where u are so dead tired all you wanna do it sleep (but in my case cant) and you want to eat , which peeps that know me know i eat , allot Just set out the trough lol  :) haha, And I want to make lot's of yummy things but too tired to, and if i don't make em i don't get to eat em (allergy wise) so its all quite an inconvenience lol haha don't ya think ahhah I do  ;) But the Good news is We will have a baby here soon, really anytime I believe.....

 Wouldn't it be weird if baby came on St. Patrick's day?> Which would in a way be inconvenience for cooking for St. Patrick's day cuz then you would have to incorporate the Birthday in there too,.. Ya Ill pass on that day if you don't mind lol hahah :D 

Well I never said this post from a very sleep deprived, very prego, baby-on the brain Mama was gonna make sense....Lol well does it LOL :)

Have  a great day all, Must go find my other "Children of the Corn" LOL hahah :D