Saturday, October 26, 2013

Something I wrote today from the Heart

Hello all , here is something I wrote and made, really comes from  my heart with Love to you and yours ! :D

 I know from Life experience how true this is ~!!
I know with all my health struggles and other life struggles as many as they have been My heart will and always will carry God in it and though so have accused me of being weak , they do not know the half of it , for it is not weakness to have a soft heart full of love and kindness but it shows more Strength and self sacrifice  than they will ever know!!!

Love and Blessing to you and yours today and always ,

♥ JoAnna❦❦GlutenFreeChefღ   

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Easy Peasy Nice and Easy~ Basil and olive oil Discs

Heheh Easy P easy , Nice and Easy Basil and Olive Oil Discs !
What to do when you are pressed for time and you have an over load of fresh organic basil!

Just throw your fresh organic basil and enough olive oil to make a PESTO LIKE consistency add some salt and Pepper and garlic if you wish if not leave it out , pour into your muffin tin or i guess you could use a Ice cube tray too, and freeze cover with some sarane wrap and then take out when set , and i just threw them in some sandwhich bags then threw them all once they were all in the little sanwhich bags in a bug freezer bag and you can just take them out as needed throw into soup or use for meat or even salad dressing or even veggies! :D
**** Of course you can use any herb  you wish! :D

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