Saturday, July 11, 2015

Roar Party ( Safari Party) for my Four Miracles!!!

So my husband and I decided to do one big party, (tech as usual i threw the party ) lol my hard working man showed up with all the other guests.
     So a Roar party what is a Roar Party?? Well lol my 3 year old daughter loves Katy Perrys Song "Roar" ( yes its the only Katy perry song she knows lol) So she wanted a Roar Party and all the other Siblings loved the idea so that is what I did , Handmade games , food and fun! :) Hope you enjoy !
and as usual we had the food in our work shop and the games out in Our Fruit Orchard .
   And a huge thank you to our Family and Friends for attending!!!
***and a special thank you to my sister in law Rebekah for taking some of the photos , Thank you so much!


MENU :Pineapple Tree - underneath ,grapes, cherries, pineapple, watermelon.
Coscto brand Hot dogs
Pirates Booty
Baked Beans , Chips, Strawberry Lemonade , water , and many variates of Dairy and dairy free Ice Creams and Sorbet's. & My besties Sugar Cookies and My Spice Cookies and Smore Cookies (photo not taken sadly)

Here is the Pineapple Palm Tree I made Using Real Palm Leaves ( leftover from a job)

Condiments, chips and beans and veggie Tray


Handmade Goodie bags with Stickers and Erasers and mini Slink-es and rubber balls.


extra special thanks to my Bestie Rebecca for hand-sewing the bean bags to toss!!!!


I wish I could of taken pics while folks were using all the games and such  but I was too busy hosting lol  :) It was such a blast and the games I made we can use this Summer and all the Summers to Come!!! :)

Thank s for looking have a great day!
XOXOXO JoAnnaGlutenFreeChef :)
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