Monday, July 30, 2012

Xylitol Powdered Sugar Substitue

Xylitol Powdered Sugar

Hello All I WAS THE FIRST PERSON EVER TO COME UP WITH THIS AND WRITE THIS DOWN, No my Blog is not as big as lots of them out there , I do not have companies and such that are sponsoring me I do what I can to Serve... Anyway here it is and God Bless  .

I hope you enjoy its so nice to have a powdered sugar copycat to use lol :) let me know what you think you can purchase the Xylitol derived from Birch trees from :

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JoAnna's Ginger-Lime Carrot Cake with a TWIST!

Hello all I'm pleased to be releasing my ginger lime carrot cake with a twist this is one of our family favorites! :) This Cake was created in Honor of my 4th Child's Birth! Sweet Gabriella Mama love you~ :D

         JoAnna's Gluten Free Ginger-Lime Carrot Cake with a TWIST!! :D

Another Variation : Lemon Spice Carrot Cranberry Cake

**This Recpe is featured also on: .nourishingtreasuresmake-your-own-monday-link-up
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JoAnna's Gluten Free , Dairy Free ,BBQ Chicken Lavender Pizza

BBQ Chicken Lavender Pizza (gluten free, dairy free,nut free, chicken egg free, buckwheat free)
*more pictures coming soon (i hope to get them up tommrow acutally when i make this for dinner on Tuesday)

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coming soon my recipe for the prefect pizza crust ever!!! and many varuations like my famous:

Tuscan Balsamic w/fresh arugula (coming soon)
and many many more! :)

More Variations to come! :D SO STAYED TUNED!
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