Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updates, going on's contiuned Hope!!! xoxoxo

Long day but good day, Doctor visits, blood-work , yes I do have Costochondritis Not com- firmed yet but looks like I may have Tietze syndrome as well.... But
 all is well with my Soul! :)
Just over -all a good day! Just having confirmation that what im doing is right , need to listen more to my own advice that I give ppl and don't second guess
 myself ♥ ♥

He was shocked but laughed lol He said next time I saw him better just turn and run lol He was nice and it was all good , he had to find another vein so
poked twice with the needle :o lol

Anyway I don't usually go into depth about myself like this But I feel its important to know what s going on sometimes , This is Definelty a Health Journey!!!!
 xoxoxo Love to you all!! Stay well, Be safe and Endure for we CAN do any-thing through Christ Who Strengthens us!


♥レ o √ 乇 ღ❦❦❦JoAnna❦❦❦
~Enjoy! ~ღ❦❦❦JoAnna❦❦❦

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