Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Hallow's Day (Eve) Celebration and Our Painted Pumpkins & Our Thankful Tree

Well as usual I am so behind on here its ridiculous , yes the reason I post more on my facebook Blog page is because its easier !

I will be posting more here i just have to , I know not everyone is on facebook, I will be trying to do a series of catch up news and photos.

Our Hallow's Eve/ Reformation Celebration!
& Today 11/02/2013 we finally got to paint your Pumpkins and I finished our Thankful tree! :D

Here we went to the Pumpkin Patch we had a blast!! :)


Here is My two middle kiddos , Jack and Eleena

Here I am with my four kiddos!!!

We enjoyed My delicious gluten free Pizza  (allergen free) Mine was the same as the girls but also Dairy free :)


These are the girls Pizza's the Girls (ages 3 and 19 months ) helped me make them :D Eleenas is the one on the left i helped Gabby ( 19 months)  with hers on the right .

This is mine :)


This is my Candy Corn Pumpkin with a message for my sass-con friends


And this is my Baby Gabriella's pumpkin (19 months) with washable markers , she loves to kiss her girl Minion I drew on it for her. awe Love her!

What is a Thankful Tree, Its really just a nice way to keep track of  what you are thankful for , its a great family activity !

 Day One- Thankful for Shelter (This was Eleena's thankful, she got to pick day one)
Day Two: Thankful For Salvation Through Christ Alone.
I wish I had better light in my little apartment but this is as best as i can do for now :)


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  1. love the tree, the pumpkins and the costumes !! I should be 100% gluten free as I am gluten intolerant way bad, but it always sneaks in somewhere & I'm sick for weeks trying to detox! love seeing your kiddos, mine are my world and we do a lot of crafting together ...

    1. Thank you so much TheThreeCCCs !
      I am sorry to hear you are gluten intolerant , I am happy to help you in anway if you need help getting started let me know :D
      feel free to inbox me : . I love hearing that you love to craft with your kids too!!!
      or inbox me via my facebook page for my Blog here :

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