Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well I am Back!!!

Hi All I am back from a long much needed break due to having another baby! Eleena Kathleen McGarvie was born June 30th 2010. She is absolutley adorable!! :)

So due to me not being prego anymore and my immune system is no longer being supressed I can no longer enjoy gluten and sugar and dairy(mostly milk and yorgurt, cheeses are fine) I shall miss you all lol (cant have nuts and seeds anyhow) , so Back to Gluten Free and Sugar Free and Seed and Nut free. And My son Jack now has gluten allergies along with his (MILK ALLERGY) So more push to get this going and do it right, couldnt of come at a better time since my yeast overgrowth is through the roof and I can barley move with all the pain im in Im really praying this diet will help for sure!

So today I am making Coconut Flour Bread for Jack (it has eggs in it and im staying away from eggs for 2 weeks due to yeast). And Im making Gluten Free Yeast Free, vineger free, egg free, sugar free bread. Ill come up with names for them later Im tweeking these and seeing if I can make it happen so Praying for good results so here goes will post the recipes up once I get them working properly! :)


  1. I'm so glad you can post again :)

  2. Thanks so am I now to see If i can really keep up with everything that is the real challenge lol ahhaha

  3. I realize right after i had here that indulding in gluten and such was not a good idea! will not be making that mistake again if i do get preggos, i may even feel like super women no more indulging in that "posian"...:(