Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dinner Tonight was nice and a hit just wanted to post I dont have pics yet but I can make it again and post pics and the recipes :)

Zesty Orange Lime Turkey Meatballs Slow Cooked in my Homemade Cranberry-Bbq Sauce
Freshly Cooked Shrimp in Homemade Cocktail Sauce (g/f) I even made fresh horseradish!
Apple-Pear Minted Quinoa-Millet Salad
and fresh Organic Spinach w/cranberrys in a lime vinergerette!

and for dessert Rasberry Infused Vodka (vodka is gluten free imported from France derived from grapeseeds) Pears w/agava and Lime!

Enjoyed lol hahah

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