Saturday, December 17, 2011

I cannot Stress Again How wonderful this Company IS!!! :D

My Personal Note:
  I love this company you can purchase so many lovey Natural and Organic Products , allergen free!!!

Here is Note from them that i found on there Facebook page give you an idea of them and Below I posted there Website and there Facebook page!! :D ENJOY ALL!! :D I cant wait till I can order from them again!!! :D FROM FOOD PRODUCTS , COFFEE , NATURAL AND ORGANIC SYRUPS, NATURAL AND ORGANIC FOOD COLORINGS , TO PET SUPPLIES , SOAP MAKING , MOUTHWASH,OLIVES AND VEGETABLES , AND MANY MANY MORE!! :D

For years, Nature's Flavors has been a major online supplier of a wide variety of products with their roots in nature. We have gone through every hardship facing businesses and have learned from those experiences, and we've continually emerged as a better company every time - never to fall back into mistakes like many businesses do. We trust that you will find our customer service, standards, honesty, and most importantly, our products to be of superior quality.

Our Dedication to Customer Satisfaction
We recognize that our customers deserve nothing less than the ultimate amount of respect, honesty, and service, and we continually make improvements to our customer service to make our customers happier. If we make a mistake, if you think we could use some improvement in an area, or if you just want to pass on a compliment or a comment, don't hesitate to let us know! The Contact Us link in the bottom-right green box will give you the ability to tell us your thoughts in a matter of seconds.

More Contact Information
We have fast and fantastic customer service through e-mail, but sometimes e-mail just can't convey what you want to say in a normal letter or phone call. In these cases, you can always get a hold of our corporate office with the below information:

Mailing Address:
Nature's Flavors
833 N. Elm St.
Orange, CA 92867

Fax Number: 714-771-2424

Contact by Phone:
You may reach the corporate office during normal operating hours (9-5 PST, M-TH) by calling: (714) 744-3700

A Final Word
We are proud of our stellar performance as a rising corporation, and of the fact that most of our customers are word-of-mouth referrals from our large base of happy customers. We trust that you will enjoy every order that you place, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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