Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28th, 2012, Saturday's Goings on :D

Well its Saturday , and there is loads to do , Starting Sunday will be 8 more weeks till our baby #4 comes (March 25th, My Baby's usually come on the due date or on the second or third day) and Always In Time For Lunch!!! My kiddos for you!!! :D

Well Im hosting a Culinary Trip to India for two very sweet gals and friends of mine this Monday Night, we will eat and visit and watch Indie Musicals !! hahah Its going to be so fun, Tiring for me but fun lol ahhaha I hate that i am winding down so much, My Function Button is Broken I think lol...

 I shall post the Menu soon , but right now Im off to the kitchen to Invent and Make up some Gluten free, Allergen free , Naan Bread!!! :D I shall keep you posted! :D I Forgot to Mention My 31'st Birthday was on Jan 21st and my husband surprised me with a AWESOME TORTILLA PRESS , NICE AND BIG IM GONNA USE THAT FOR THE NAAN BREAD I WONT PRESS THEM DOWN TOO THIN, Just to try to have a more consistent circle... :D

.....Oh and Im thinking (gluten free , allergen free) Chicken and Dumplings Tonight what ya think??? haha :D



  1. Dumplings sounds boss. Wish I was there, hope you have a great time for the Indian festivities. :)

  2. Glad you got your press! Dumplings do sound good!

  3. :D :D THANK U LADIES!!! I think im going to prep it for tomorrows dinner after church , have it cooking in the crock pot!!! :D then the dumplings will only be the thing i have to do when i get back!! :D