Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JoAnna's Photo a Day May List

So A New friend of mine on Facebook K Larsen (Her Blog can be found here) Larsen Landing  posted about this "Photo a Day May List", and that this blog fatmumslim

Made up I thought was a great idea!! :D so I think i'm going to give it a go, here is what you are suppose to do:

Each day you look at the list and there will be a prompt that corresponds with the date of the month. For example day one is peace, so for day one you'll take a photo of something around the peace {a peace sign, something that's peaceful in your life, you doing a peace sign with your hands etc}. You then share the photo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your blog, Pinterest, Flickr or where ever you want to share it.

It's a fun way to be creative every day and it's so much to be part of. Anyone can play {even if you haven't played before}. MORE INSTRUCTIONS CAN BE FOUND HERE: INSTRUCTIONS

This did Start May 1st , So I am a-little behind but not by much so here goes looks like fun want to join me?? :D 

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 ♥ღϠ₡ღ    JOANNA♥ღϠ₡ღ♥
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Day #1 "PEACE"

My 4th, newborn 2012, Gabriella

Day #2 "Skyline", this is my dear mother in law  who we lost to cancer in 2010, miss her everyday......

Day#3 "
"Something You Wore Today" Does this count? that I had this all over my face today?? LOL My Gluten Free,sugar free,dairy free, allergen free, Ginger-Lime Apple Carrot Cake

Day#4 "FUN" MY Black Kitchen Aid to me is FUN!! :D -----> ALL THE WONDERS YET TO CREATE AND BE CREATED!!! XOOXXO

 DAY #5 "BIRD" the roosters above my sink. I love roosters and Chickens and Ducks and Guinea  hens

 DAY # 6 "YOU"
 ME, LOL JoAnna L , yes this is a picture of me lol....


 Day #8 A Smell You Adore:

 Day #9 Something you do everyday. LAUNDRY ~I isn't cute hehe

Day#10 A favorite Word:   :)

Day #11 KITCHEN: Featuring my Mill in my kitchen lol hahha

Day #12  Something thing that makes you happy: all 4 of my kiddos!

Day #13 MUM: 

Day #14 Grass: