Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DAY One of Facebook Break and............

Hello all , I am sure most of you read that i am taking a break from facebook, well I am not taking a break from my Blog I still want to stay connected this way and I may Try to Post a Link to this Blog Post on Facebook But if you wish to comment you will have to do so ON MY BLOG HERE for now . (because i wont be checking facebook to answer questions, I have already given everyone a heads up and my email address as well if anyone wishes to contact me - glutenfreechef81@yahoo.com.

I am loving my day one of my facebook break , yes there are some things I miss but right now the other things that don't out way it lol . hahah .

I made the  most adorable "Alphabet/Color Parking lot " for the younger kids for school today even my two year old chimed in and loved it !! I will post a pic when i can.

Tonight's Dinner is Veggie Melody Turkey Noodle  Soup ( using my Turkey Stock I made ) with Onion - Dill Pull Apart Rolls!!! ( gluten free, allergen free of course) !

I am thinking of making some delicious chewy sugar cookies dough.  I am loads of "Homework" I have to do tonight, not to Mention Piles of clean and not so clean laundry that needs attending too. I have so many Handmade Christmas Gifts I NEED to make!!!! where is the time lol hahah .
So much to but I am excited about it all. Most of all I got to sit down and write this ( with only a few intruptions from my Minions) and drink some Strawberry - Chocolate Tea ! YUM!!!

Oh and also excited to see What I WILL be making for Christmas BAKING THIS YEAR!! - Keeping it Simple but always Keeping it Real!!!!  :D



  1. I am late in responding, but I SO love this! :D Such happiness to read about. Hugs and prayers my friend! Especially for peace and strength to continue.

    1. Oh Thank you Sweet Friend!! :D I am so happy to read this!!! :D Thankyou for love and prayers hun , and continued for you and yours! :D