Thursday, May 19, 2011

Compiling Gluten Free Lists &..And getting back to Basics!:)

Hi All,

 So I am trying to compile all my gluten free information im keeping it to food and stuff that mabey wont be addressed on and places like that , that give excellent information regarding gluten free food. I am compiling a list of Gluten free:

TEAS AND SPICES right now and I shall be posting all of my favortite prodcuts and resources and getting back to basics , I do have an excellent source of this wonderful gal who has done great reasearch on gluten free tolietries and such! I shall post here soon as I get her permission to share her post here and I will have a link to her website so u can go and look at all the wonders she has on there! :) So I shall be adding to this post with the Gluten Free Teas and Spices (Aviously we know that teas and spices are naturally gluten free but the factory or equitment which they are handles and processed are not you will be suprised how manny teas and spices are NOT ON THE SAFE LIST).
 So Keep Looking cuz im gonna post soon!

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