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Well my firstborn turned 6 this past Saturday (June 11th 2011), I decided to throw a Bbq Party for him and invite a few peeps! Shown Above is His Transformer Cake I made for him at about 3am in the morning lol ,
The First Layer is a Gluten Free, Vanilla Bean Citrus Cake , in the middle i made a quick vanilla-orange filling. Then The second Layer is An Espresso-Devils Food Cake Orange Cake! Covered In Wiltons Gluten free Fondant, I didnt realize I didnt have enough Fondant to cover my cake so I Improvised by cutting out the fondant with a cookie cutter and then filling in the empty spots with frosting! lol.

He LOVED IT! And so did everyone else it tasted awsome! :D

Menu was: Hot Dogs/My Pickled Herbed Red Onions/regular topping for the dogs/homemade fries, Basil-Garlic Aoili,Ranch Dressing/Veggie Tray w/peppercorn ranch dip,Baked Beans(Bushes lol ) and then my homemade (allergen for the Baar Boys), Chocolate-Orange-Lime Cupcakes (allergen free for the Baar Boys), then Seans Two Layer Gluten Free Transformer Cake (1st Layer Orange-Citrus Vanilla Bean Cake__2nd LayerChocolate Espresso Orange Vanilla Cake :DDrinks:Green Tea, Apple Mint Lemon (Ice TEa), soda and Juice :D
There was of course some gluten items like the hot dog buns and so for those who were not gluten intolerent!

Gift Table that turned more into more food table lol.

TRANSFORMER THEMED PARTY SO I DECORATE, doing my best without having much time!
Delicious sugar free Organic Green Tea, with fresh apple mint and lemon slices :D

MY Big Boy Sean on the far right now 6 yrs old!! Happy Birhthday mama loves you! :D

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  1. Joanna, you are so cool! The tea and cake sound wonderful. Are you willing to share the recipes? =} Sherry