Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And Today is only Wedensday ?1?1 Lol :)

 So I was up all night with sick kiddos especially one in particular my poor Jack, His fever is gone now Thank God but I have this feeling it will come back tonight we shall see, Im still sick and hoping to shake this bug off soon especially before i birth the baby!!!

This morning I Made myself a french vanilla coconut mocha :) using Wilderness Family Naturals’ Raw Chocolate Syrup!!! ;)

Agave syrup is a delicious natural sweetener, milder than honey, made from the blue agave plant, a cactus that grows in the desert.

Ingredient #2:

This delicious raw chocolate syrup also contains raw cacao powder. Raw cacao
powder comes from the bean that would eventually become chocolate. Unlike chocolate, however, these beans are never heated and they still retain most of their natural antioxidants. While the ORAC score on fresh blueberries is around 32 (per gram), this natural raw chocolate syrup boasts of a ORAC score of 245 micro-moles TE per gram, proving it is loaded with natural antioxidants!

Warning: This product is so delicious you may want to eat it right off the spoon.

Sick kiddos , sick mama, mama ready to pop lol hahah this baby out but i really wanna make Pink lemonade Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Pink Lemonade Coconut Whipped cream !! I thought them up yesterday and wanna so bad guess it will have to wait till after baby is born i don't have all the ingredients i need anyway lol haha :D sound good to u?

I will definelty work on that after everything is said and done, sounds so summery too , which I think draws more appeal to me , since its so cold outside lol haha :)

So Im sprouting My Organic Gmo Wild Rice Mix in Green TEA and water Ill let you know how it turns out im experimenting with sprouting slowly :) 

Picture of Organic Gmo Free Blend dry

Well Im going to close for now :) Take care all! :)

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