Friday, June 8, 2012

Realities of the Situation...PLEASE FEEDBACK

Well this is a post that I don't care to write but i feel I must , The reason there has not been many posts (mostly consisting of recipes) is because I was adjusting into life with a new baby totaling 4 kiddos! And desperately trying to catch up with cleaning and organizing , speaking of organizing , homeschooling, helping run the business from home...i'm going to be doing some small , Budget Friendly Organizing this "summer" , I feel as I must our small shoe-box of an apartment demands it :)

  So as far as recipes go winter has been so hard on us , financially and I don't remember the last time to be honest i have gone to the store with a planned out menu  and bought the ingredients for it, Its been bare bones for sometime, I know we are not the only ones struggling , and I know I have done a rather good job , making " something good" out of "nothing" so I guess If you all are interested I will do a series of recipes on just using what you have in the pantry  example Below:

   So today I went to my freezer and found ____ , then I walked to my pantry and found these items __________ and so forth and did it all for around 10 for the whole dinner. How does that sound is there any interest out there for very very frugal and budget friendly dinners and meals and desserts? :) please let me know your feedback is most appreciated!

Love JoAnna xooxox

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  1. I definitely would be interested. We struggle to pay the bills, and I just now decided to try gluten-free foods due to some gastrointestinal issues we are trying to figure out. I've done dairy free and that didn't help.

    1. Thank you so very much for your feedback Anna :) I have been compiling recipes from my head to paper and when i can making them and writing down all the measurements, I am sorry to hear you are having gastrointestinal difficulties I do hope going gluten and dairy free helps you :) I have lots of good info on my Blog as well Dairy free Options , sugar free options and a post on the different gluten free grains and so forth.. :) if you have any question please feel free to contact me! :)