Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June Updates :D

Oh Heavens to Betsy I tell you! Today was definitively one of those days I feel like its not logical to get up lol haha, Already disaster has begun lol hahah, i am already such an accident prone type of gal , that I already had leaking garbage spill all over me and the floor that was lovely to clean up and then i went to make coffee and the coffee thing that holds the ground beans (that were from yesterday) lovingly spilled all down the side of my counter and all over YEAH!! HAPPY TUESDAY LOL HAHAH :D 

Well its June already ( yes I know technically its June 5th so I have some catching up to do lol) . Still have school to do running awfully late today oh well, What about you ? Are you running late today as well? :) What do you have planned for today, Us we have school, Then I have lots of laundry to fold and then I need to try to get into the kitchen and bake we shall see what happens :) Have a great Tuesday all! :D


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