Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eventful Night Last nIght

Well Lol I had an eventful night or should i say early morning was in the ER for 6 yrs last night!!! :(

 Infection is gone but seems i have Kidney stones lol (had them 3 times before ) but this time around felt alittle diffrent and with so many things going on the pain level was an 8 anyway lots of things going on but Im resloving them~---

-Anyway Im happy to be home, but with being so for so long I had to throw away a whole box of Green Beans that I was going to can :( Im so upset about that I am so dissapointed I have been so sick a whole box of green beans thrown in the compost :(


I managed to get to the Entire Box of Nectaries cut up and frozen today and Made up a nice Fall Festive Cobbler! :)

Picture coming soon! (Gluten Free, Allergen Free, Pumpkin-Nectarine Cobbler)!!!! Its delcious!!! :D

Yes it was very good !!! Hit lol ;D .. Fall is just about  here i know its not offically fall yet but the leaves are falling everywhere! :) Fall is so exciting!! :D More on that later!!

God Bless all!! :D
xoxoxo JoAnna

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