Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Delicious Dehydrated Myer Lemon Glazed Strawberries

Dehydrated Myer Lemon Gal-zed Strawberries

March 2014 - I got a great Deal on 8LBS of Organic Strawberries from Bountiful Baskets!
I took 4LBS of it and made these Delicious Dehydrated  Myer Lemon Glazed Strawberries.
Cant wait to put them In My Homemade Nut Free Gluten free Granola !! :D  and cookies and everything whahoo I shall definitely have to make more!!! lol

This is for 4LBS of Organic Strawberries.
1 Organic Myer Lemon
1/4 cup total or more of zevia in the Raw or
1/4 tsp or more of Liquid Stevia. Or Honey.

Slice the Strawberries in the same uniformed sizes.
put in a good size bowl.
I use an Excalibur-3900B-Deluxe-Dehydrator-

After you are done slicing them , Coat with Myer lemon Juice and Stevia of choice or sweetener of Choice.
PLACE on Trays
Dry for 6-8 hours ( If using The Excalibur put on 135)


Believe me Strawberry Shortcake will be jealous cuz your house smells so divine!! hahhaa


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  1. Wow, the title made my mouth water! So much yummy in one recipe!