Monday, February 10, 2014

INVITE !!! COME LOOK IN MY FRIDGE'S & Companies and Buying Clubs I USE

HAHAH yes that is rather funny  title I know But I though Hey why not , In my previous post :

PREVIOUS POST HERE I had mentioned that I had ordered for the first time through Bountiful Baskets!
I have never been able to have so much produce in the fridge and fruit all at once! what a blessing!

So now I order through the Following :

image from there facebook page - UNF Facebook page


image from there facebook page -

image from website , link above

image from website (link above)

I love to of found another resource to help me continue to be a thrifty  , healthy, Mama :) So I can provide the freshest , GMO FREE, Organic when possible , 100% foods as I can

A New one is Frontier Co-op I have friends that run a great Online Co-op called Barefoot Co-op , They will try to have a Buy from Frontier every other month , I love it because Not only does Frontier have Of course there wonderful glorious Products but other amazing brands as well!

( this would  be for Forks, Port Angeles and Sequim Folks and surrounding areas ( she is based out of Forks but meet ups can be arranged in PA. Or if its not too big u can pay for it to be shipped to your house) .

Link for Coop here  ----- >

Link for Frontier Coop Here ---->

So come and take a look in my Fridge # 1 - Inside the little apartment :


Hahah Welcome to my Fridge :D  - No the Raw Milk is bot there because it was turned into  my 24-hour Pro-biotic Yogurt.
** as u can see I did my best to label everything for you  :)

Now come and Look into Fridge #2 - a used Fridge that we have fixed many times, Missing allot off doors and shelves and we have even had to re-wire some wires as u see in the photo near the top lol


**as you can see I tried my best to label everything for you!

I am thinking in time I will add to this post and get into more detail of maybe some brands I like to order and so forth , would that be helpful ??

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