Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hello dear Friends I'm sitting down here and writing this with a heavy heart, I'm frustrated is all with my health situation I need time , lots more time and many of you know me as go go go go lol . But alas I need to do whats best for me and my family and so I shall do that, the reason why its hard for me to come up with or make my old recipes is because I am very limited on what i can consume right now , and I'm now on the full gaps diet and still feel stifled and not at all having loads of options, I eat the same things every day here is a list of food 's I eat and I'm only using on occasional fresh herbs not very many dried herbs here is a list of foods I can have right now (I must say not being able to have COCONUT OIL , or coconut products is very very hard to come to terms with....I notice i can have a tiny small amount in my organic whipped earth balance)

*Organic Chicken
Natural Turkey
Natural Pork
Duck eggs
Lemons & Limes
Sea salt
a small variety of fresh herbs
sweet potatoes
Bragg's amino acids
organic rice -soaked
White Beans-Soaked
Cabbage (regular and Chinese)
I have to Be very careful with garlic and onion's so I tend to avoid them.
Olive Oil
Organic gmo free corn oil
Raw Honey
*Homemade stock *s
My Awesome Kimchi :)
My Sauerkraut

Duck Eggs

So you see baking you guys something is kinda out of the question , I still can have on occasion some of my cakes made with earth balance and my gluten free mix but that's just for special occasions....

I don't know if this makes any sense i feel like I'm letting everyone down and  myself down cuz I'm not writ ting and creating what i want...Do I need to change gears...and just plain write about my life journeys with some recipes thrown in as I can have more food choices? Yes you can see this is very hard for me , I absolutely love and adore food and its hates me lol hahah.

 No I know Im doing better than i have been before and I have lots of food choices than i did in the past, when i could only have Organic Turkey Broth. Praise God Im not back to that again!!!

I think I just need time lots of time.. most of you know I have Lupus/Sjolgrens Syndrome/ Over-active thyroid/Anemia Hemocromotosis and i have had one kid one after another.

Been told i would not be able to  have kids , had my firstborn (long hard, hard pregnancy) then I lost 6 precious children after that, then I was blessed with 3 more children (the second born , Jack was a very hard Pregency and I was told my NP and a speacialist in seattle to abort him and that we would both die if i didnt of i would just die anyway, of course i would never abort and My Jack is here with us and safe, then i had my two girls , Eleena (pregnancy was not so bad cuz i was able to take 5 mg of Preginizone helped keep her in andhelped me with pain and managing being pregnant better, and i did the same thing when I was pregnant right after with Gabriella.
My Beautiful gifts from God, Sean 7 1/2 , Jack almost 4 yrs old, Eleena 2 1/2 , Gabriella 8 months

I am not going to write my life story here , cuz then we would have an entire book. lol , but I did want to at least touch on this for those who do not know , I do feel like i need to explain myself and i know i dont but i still have a desire to help ppl. Mabey God wants me to switch gears and just write about my health journey and go from there.... I dotn want to loose or leave you all i so do love my blog and my facebook support page for my blog...I also Homeschool my kids and help my husband run our construction business so I feel so streched thin....

Thank you so much , JoAnna xooxo :D


  1. Wow....who knew! I think sharing your story (here on FB or in a book) would be great. You never know who else is suffering the same issues and knowing someone else has the same things, could help them too. I don't know how you do it...just reading all that made me tired! Maybe it's time you slow down...we would all understand. Your health and family are first.....God's Blessings on you!

    1. Bless you Jacque for your response !! thank u so much!! I really needed that , thank u for all your support!! :D

  2. JoAnna, I am with Jacque. You need to do what is right for you, taking the time to heal and care for your body and for your little ones. You know, they aren't with you long enough. You are doing a multitude of things and trying to keep us happy shouldn't be one of them. If you want to write about what is happening in your life right now or as you heal, then do, but take care of yourself first.

    1. Thank you so much Tammy! Thats what i m doing excellent advice THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!! XOOXOX JOANNA

  3. Ditto! I personaly know how exhausting it is to deal/live with an autoimmune disease, much less trying to take care of others. The best thing I learned was to strip away anything that wasn't necessary to my survival and the survival of those I was entrusted with. Keep it simple, every day. Be a little selfish, it's ok to take care of yourself. And forgive yourself for whatever you feel you "should" do but cannot. Sometimes God just wants us to be in the moment, to take time to draw close to Him, and to also share our struggle & journey. He works all things for good, and though this time is difficult for you, He may be using you to reach others. Keep your focus on Him and what He wants you to do, give Him the glory, and watch as He creates something beautiful from whatever you offer Him. I pray for daily strength and healing for you! Blessings!

    1. Thank you for your post , i just showed up i dont know why i didnt see it before yes its going alittle better thank u, Between all the homeschooling and running a business and all such it can all get alittle overwhelming !
      xoxo JoAnna Hope are doing alitle better healwise as well ! :D * thank u for your prayers~

  4. Get yourself feeling tip-top shape. <3 I think you should write a book about everything.

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