Thursday, January 10, 2013

12.33 am Jan 10th , 2013 Frozen Kingdom... In awe of Gods Majesty and wonder

Its 12.33am its a cold frozen world out there, I stepped out side with my Haley (my 2 yr old Pure Breed Jack Russed Terrier) , as I walked the sounds of frozen leaves and fol age crunched beneath my feet, little puff of breath floated up into the air...

WOW it was beautiful the clear night sky and the most twinkling stars you have ever seen , I stood there and looked up in amazement Thank you Lord for all you beauty your majesty and all your wonder!!!
**i have a pic to upload but blogger wont let me right now mabey i can tomorrow Goodnight-all xooxo

~Copyrighted 2009-2013~ JoAnna L McGarvie

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