Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan 20th- Baleadas and the going's of the day :D

What happend today:

"You know those times when u get something out of the freezer and you think its one thing ...but it turns out to be another ....yeah happened just now ...LOL :D ----YES that means no pork chops tonight lol hahaha."

"see everything works out just prepped My Meat for my Birthday Dinner tomorrow! :D gO ME! :D hahha "Pernil al Horno" My version of : (Puerto Rican roast pork shoulder)! :D :D"

Dinner tonight:
My Take on :" Baleadas" ( Baleadas are to Honduras what burritos are to Mexico)
Grilled (Brine d) Chicken chopped over , overnight soaked Pinto Beans (I usually use White beans) , two g/f corn tortillas and all topped with my Homemade 24-hour Pro biotic Yogurt! and Lime Wedges! and one side sauteed Organic Carrot and Cabbage Melody.
I hate my camera! greatly i really looks better than this!

My Gabby Love Love Loves em!! :)
and so does Ryan and Sean , Jack and Eleena! :D

And I saw this pic  and was so inspired to share it with you found it on Facebook: ღ♥ღ

Inside you, there is an artist you don’t know about.

FROM : creative ideas on facebook


Well I must leave you now we are continuing showing our Kids for the FIRST TIME!!! STAR WARS!!!! IV. *We dont have I , II & III, yet.

LOVE , JoAnna xoxoox

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