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My 24-Hour Probiotic Yogurt Using Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

Hello folks , Yes I'f finally writing out  my recipe for my 24 hour Pro biotic Yogurt Using My Yogourmet Electric Maker. You can Purchase it here at Amazon *no I do not get paid to endorse anything or anybody. YogourmetYogurt-Maker

Why do I do it for 24 hours?
 if you ferment it long enough, the bacteria will consume all the lactose, which is a type of sugar in milk that can often cause problems.
I wanted to share a-little bit I have not been able to have Dairy my entire life! :) pretty much, after doing the Gaps Into diet ( Just using it as a cleanse , Yeast Cleanse actually I am now able to consume My 24-hr pro-biotic yogurt!   I was also thinking of making raw butter and seeing if i could tolerate that too!
Homemade yogurt the end, homemade yogurt is an amalgam of bacteria, fat and proteins (casein and whey). Yet, some people might still
be worried with the casein content of yogurt. Casein is a protein found in milk that has been shown to cause problems for some people,
especially combined with the immune disrupting effects of gluten.
It still amaze's me that I can comsume it Its such a blessing I have not been able to consume any kind of dairy products all my life so this is a real treat AND I just made Yogurt Cheese last week its amazing Will do a post on that! :D

This Maker Makes 2 Quarts of Delicious Yogurt ~~~

Things you will Need:The Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

And Instead of using the Plastic Insert from the Yogurt Maker I bought The Glass Insert here : Glass Insert that Fits Into the Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker Purchase here

Thermometer Like this one : Candy Thermometer  One comes with the Yogourmet Maker . But if not you can buy one like this , can be purchased through Link above.


A Medium Saucepan *your choice a nice enameled one is nice so there is no metal involved.

Lamp Dimer Like this one : Lamp Dimmer

1/2 Gallon of Raw Milk, Or if Raw milk is UN-avilable or illegal in your area use Organic Non- Homogenized Milk.

A culture starter or 1/4 cup of commercial organic not fat free or low fat yogurt.
I use Yogourmet-Freeze-Yogurt-Starter-3-Count Culture
And I also use  This Company , It's fantastic! .custom probiotics/yogurt_starter
OPTIONAL: (Beef Gelatin ( or if vegan use Guar Gum) helps make a thicker Yogurt . Great-Lakes-Unflavored-Gelatin-Kosher
(optional - 100% pure Vanilla extract if u wish to add this for vanilla flavor)

a Pourable Glass Measuring Cup
A Bamboo spoon or Plastic Do not use Metal to mix your yogurt.

Scd or Gaps Friendlily Pure Vanilla Extract if you wish to make this vanilla Yogurt!

*Pour 2 Quarts of You Milk of Choice into your Saucepan.
*Bring your milk up to 110 Degrees( this is the normal way as to not kill the good probiotics in the milk , .My problem is I noticed I when doing this i was getting really thin yogurt, so me personally heat up to 200 quickly and then throw pan into an ice bath to cool quickly! ) Fixed it I found I was putting to much Probiotics in it lol OPPS LOL ,so i dont run the risk  of pasteurizing the milk.) This will ensure any unwanted bacteria that may interfere with the good bacterial cultures we will be adding :)
* When the Milk Reaches 110 Degrees move off the heat  don't linger  :) COOL SLIGHTLY!

*I just try to Cool it down to 105 degrees or about's making sure its not too hot when adding the Probiotic  :) Pour One cup of cooled milk into the Glass Measuring Cup then add your Culture , If using the Packets one packet if using the other Pro biotic One Scoop using the spoon that came with the Pro biotic Stir till all incorporate.

*Pour the rest of your cooled milk into your maker then add in One cup of Milk that you mixed with your cultures.

*Don't forget to add Water as directed to the inside of your maker itself.

Then take your Dimmer and plug it into the wall then plug the maker into the Dimmer, Many SCD AND GAPS Bloggers have found that keeping the Dimmer switch that you use to adjust the "light" works best when its in the Middle of the Unit.
This will ensure the yogurt maker does not get too hot and keeps a consistent temperature of 105. degrees.

SIDE NOT: Or you can be a dumb dumb like me and FORGET ONCE TO put the water in the bottom!!! Omg Yes I did , Luckily Mine keeps a consistent temperature of 105 degrees so I don't use the dimmer lol ahhaha

Put a lid on your glass container with your thoroughly mixed milky goodness and then put it in your maker ,make sure your water is on the bottom of your yogurt maker *the direction to your maker will show you how if you are confused.

then put the lid on your Yogurt Maker and make sure all is plugged in correctly and You are good to go , Start timing for 24 hours! :)

Once done put in the Fridge Until Cold and set :) YUM! :)

ENJOY WITH SOME ORGANIC LOCALLY HARVEST RAW HONEY!!! OR GENTLY POACHED SOME FRUIT AND CUT IT UP AND ADD IT TO THE TOP! :) ENJOY! In your smoothies and enjoy in your savory dishes as well! Many ways to enjoy!

COPYRIGHTED: JoAnnaGlutenFreeChef&HealthEnthusiast All images & content are copyright protected. Please do not use my images without prior permission. ALWAYS link back to this post for the recipe.
2009-2014 JoAnna L McGarvie

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  1. I love it! That is a great step-by-step how to, JoAnna. :)

  2. I should try this one. I want to create my one yogurt. make sure your yogurt is not pasteurized or else you won't get the probiotics you need.

    1. Catherine for HEALTH reasons I have to POST a pasteurized option , though I do state the temp I do mine :)

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