Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Greetings , Wed 9th , 2013 - The Day so far...

How is everyone s Wed going?
I am trying to function lol i need more sleep! lol
But moving forward right! :) Got to finish up schooling for today, laundry folding ,laundry washing, I did do some kitchen prep, soaking beans and rice for tomorrow, I am excited because tomorrow my hubby is going to purchase 1/2 quart of Raw Organic Cows milk from our local dairy farm!

I am going to try to incorporate back into my diet my raw 24hr yogurt again, I really need to gain more weight and am having allot of trouble so I am hopefully that since i was able to have it before , which is so strange yet delightful ( yes i know why but im not gonna get into that im just chatting right now and do not in the least wanna get technical lol) 
I am very excited I do know those who suffer from Hyper-thyroid ism (overactive thyroid , one of the things i have)
that if you find trouble gaining weight eat lots of yogurt.) Unfortunate since i cannot have coconut products right now which is still a crying shame!! the only alternative i have is to use Raw cows milk yogurt! :)

And Yummo I sure do love the taste which reminds me I need to get more local Raw Honey!! Better add that to my list, wish that is didn't cost so dang much though! :)

Oh some other exciting news next week My good friend Nicole and I are going to make our own MASCARA!! :D :D I'll defiantly let you know how that goes! :)

 Well back to the grind I may post more later...New post coming soon , How to Soak and cook your beans in a pressure cooker! Yes Im gonna start posting More BASIC posts of cooking and so forth the more i go through different sites i notice allot of ppl don't know allot of basic techniques so i thought i could just post some of those , You have to understand when I post I think i have to post something huge! that no one else has done but I realize that that's not necessary . :) So my challenge is to post more on here ...yes its hard I get so many interruptions i dont know if my post even makes sense lol but that's life right hahha!! Have a good day all!
*Oh ya and i need to catch up on the photo a day for this month too!! :D

MY g/f allergen free pancakes :)

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