Sunday, March 17, 2013

Apple Sage& Rosemary Venison in the crock pot

Well I wanted to share my recipe I made for St.Patty's day , No i know its not a authentic Irish Dish , but I just had to use what i had on hand, and a good friend gave us a small venison roast.
 I love venison , and if  you are not liking the "gamey flavor" as people put it then you will adore this one beacause there was no gamey taste... and remember i cannot have onions and even without them it was divine :)

1 small venison roast
3 garlic cloves
2 stalks of organic Celery cut into about 2 inch sizes

1 can or bottle of Izze Sparkling Apple+added like 1/4 cup of water. or 1cup 1/2 of stock of choice Try my homemade stock here : homemade-stock-aka-compost-stock
4 + sage leave clusters *or bunch
2 Large stems of fresh rosemary
1/2 lemon
8 carrots, cut about 2 inch sizes
salt & pepper
throw it all in the crock pot for 9 hours on high....
Then Feast! :)
**Save the dripping :)
If you wish to make a gravy or reduction.

the reduction is gluten free, but is not gaps or scd but it is paleo if you follow the direction but just use arrow-root starch or tapioca. which some on the Paleo diet can tolerate. if not don't thicken it and just use the sauce or blend in blender with cooked onions and carrots to make a somewhat think "gravy".

2 tab of your butter substitute *i used earth balance
melt that and add 4 Tab of my My Gluten free Flour Mixes  mix , mix well with a whisk , take your dripping and put a strainer over the top of the pan and pour the drippings and so the strainer can catch all the bigger bit from the venison.
, remove strainer and whisk quickly , it should thicken up immediately  if not bring to a boil and it will ;) if you need to add anything like a small squeeze of braggs amino acids do so , just taste it to your liking.

Good Served with..... (Not scd & paleo friendly, only allowed on the advanced gaps if tolerated)
 Recipe here: parsley-and-rosemary-roasted-potatoes

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