Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day!! ;)

Hello all  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Hope all are having a blessed Sunday and a great and safe Happy St Patty's :)
What are  you enjoying  as your meal? :)
I was too late to make our Corned Pork  so we just went with what we had in the house, a good friend blessed us with a small deer venison so we are having that:

Apple Bay& Rosemary Venison in the crock pot cooking away :)
& Gluten free, (allergen free) Vanilla -Orange Raisin Brownies baking in the oven! :) :D Now just waiting for My Irish/Scottish Hubby to get home from work :)

Pictures of the food to come soon :)

sorry i don't post allot on here I do admit in order for me to keep up with all i post more (not my recipes of course all my recipes are on my Blog here :)
I admit i post more on my Facebook page : JoAnnaGlutenFree-Chef-and-Health-Enthusiast-

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