Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grain Free, Rosemary-Lemon Thyme Citrus Cake , with homemade marshmallow vanilla-citrus fluff

Gaps/scd & Paleo friendly Cake (great for any occasion)
Grain Free, Rosemary-Lemon Thyme Lavender Citrus Cake , with homemade marshmallow vanilla citrus fluff _all grain free, nut free and sugar free,gaps and scd & paleo friendly .
I finally found my scribbled notes for this divine cake I made last year (2012, in September ) when i met my family for a picinic after my 4th child got Baptized  :)I hope you like it allot it was a huge hit , everyone loved it :)
Let me know how u like it :)

Whipped Fluff or aka :Marshmallow Fluff- Homemade Sugar free :)

I used a blue for a nice lavender color using

India Tree Natural Decorating Colors Set :India-Tree-Natural-Decorating-3-CLORING

THE RECIPES HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN DUE TO maintenance & Trying to figure out these cookbooks I am swamped!!!!the way I see it I may be able to pay someone to do an E- BOOK for me , but as far as the cookbook, Me and my husband crunched numbers and there is no way we could afford to re-lease one on our own, so I need to get sponsors for my Blog , get my own website and perhaps RAISE money for and to Re-lease the cookbook!

I will keep you all posted and informed

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