Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter, Spring and Resurrection Eggs ! AND A farwell Tea !

So I really wanted to do allot of Spring, Easter and "Resurrection Themed" things with my kids this month.
I finally as able to make "Resurrection Eggs "



Our Resurrection Eggs I made ( like the ones sold at Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, bookstores, etc! ) We started yesterday and will continue till Easter Sunday ( 12 days countdown)
THE EASTER STORY TOLD USING PLASTIC EGGS ( They are each filled with objects and such and a small reading is done , its very fun and the younger kids are hooked!!! )
I went along with the pics I saw But I went on Pintrest and saw that there is a good Tutorial here thought I would share the Link so I did something very close to this :)

more pics coming soon!! soon as I CAN TAKE MORE! :D

Also here is our EASTER TREE! Shown here in this Pic , for A farewell Tea ( Last min!!! ) I hosted and made for a dear friend of mine who is moving to New Mexico!

So This Past Saturday  I said Goodby" For Now" to a dear friend who is moving far away I will miss her so much!
so I made us a late minuet Tea Party yesterday! It was such a Beautiful Day to have a Tea Party Outside!
My Gluten Free Strawberry Chocolate Chip Scones
My Gluten free Focccia Bread w/ Vegan Pesto (Nut free)
My Sun Butter Cups made .
My gluten free Chocolate Chip Lime Oatmeal Cookies !
AND OF COURSE TEA! and Fresh Strawberries and Apples !

Oh and here is my Gluten free, Allergen free Challah Bread , i am going to try to invent one i can braid But I will re-lease this recipe :) soon as I can!!

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