Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gardeing and Tea Parties and friends April 23rd 2014

Taken last year :)
Back From manuring more beds and I got more plants and seeds planted! Country Aire Natural Foods Market
had there ORGANIC STARTERS 75% off last sat !!! I got Chinese Cabbage and Cauliflower and Broccoli and some leeks!! and those were the ones i did not have seeds for !! God is good! so i got a set (of 6 organic plants for 95cents for each group of 6!!
So I got all those Planted , Planted Organic Rainbow Chard seeds and Organic Spinach!!! I am so excited this seriously has been the biggest garden i have had in a long time due to health !!!:D
I still have so much more to do but it is all coming along so well and the BEETS AND DILL I planted from seed are up!

Well *sigh* I must try to clean and I have more to do , I am having some friends over tonight for tea and a movie . I have no camera ppl , I am so devastated!!! not to be able to take pics of the kids , gardening, food and such not! *sigh*

Hope you all are staying well and healthy!! TA TA! TALK TO U SOON! :)

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