Monday, April 14, 2014

Gabby 's Frozen Party ( March 29th 2014 ) Yes I am Late IN posting this

A peak Into My 4th Miracle Babies 2 second Birthday Party Gabby's Frozen Themed Party :
I tech did 3 parties in two days so I did not get to take allot of good pics, so tech my 3 year old daughter and my husband and my Bestie took these lol so these will have to do I'm Exhausted ! lol

Here is the "Disney Inspired "Frozen Party I threw for my Newly Turned Two Year OLD, I was on a VERY STRICT BUDGET so I hand made( almost )  EVERYTHING USING what i had around the house :)  #Thrifty . I live in a very small space so I hosted this in my Shop :)

Tried doing the COLORS of Elsa and Ana, In the middle is Cubes of Glass that look like ICE , and flowers and small glass beads that look like ice / snow Theme :)

Made sure there were coloring pages ( I got online, kept them having fun and busy while I got the last minuet stuff done, See the "Olaf Noses" ? :) Organic Baby Carrots :)

Found the Colors of Elsa and Anna for the Napkins and Plates! Big Lots !


I made her a Gluten free ( Allergen free)  Three layer cake ( 2, layers are Chocolate Fudge, middle layer is Strawberry Myer Lemon )
with my Homemade Marshmallow Fluff!

The view , this party is taking Place in My Shop

Gift Table, I made the Olaf in the frame and Hand Embroidered Gabby's Name !!! ( on the card stock paper)

Big Sister and Uncle Ming ! :)

Beautiful Big Sister, In PINK ELSA INSPIRED DRESS! I made using and old Auroa dress (from Goodwill) I hand stitched it it was really a mess, and I made the cape and everything! :D

The Beautiful Birthday Girl ( My Mini Me) !

I made THE 3 FOOT OLAF ! My page here : The-Crafty-Cupboard
HandmadeTreasureBoutique Made the Crochet Elsa and Anna Dolls :)

a quick look into the My Handmade  goody pages, the Bottle cap necklaces are not shown, I made Homemade BATH FIZZ Snow balls or piles lol and Organic , allergen free Tru Joy Candy Canes.

Just a Quick Look at some of the HAND MADE ITEMS I MADE Arendelle's Flowers (Inspired from Disney s Frozen ) (Made from Paper towel roll)  FROM MY PAGE ON FACEBOOK CALLED : The-Crafty-Cupboard

Arendell's Flowers Inspired From "Disney's Frozen"
from my page on Facebook called : The-Crafty-Cupboard

Snowflakes made from Pipe cleaners and beads  The-Crafty-Cupboard

THESE ARE HAND MADE EMBROIDERED ( FREE- STYLE) COASTERS i made My Bestie , who shares a birthday on the same day as Gabby. The-Crafty-Cupboard


3 FOOT "OLAF" I just freestyle this too btw, one of my sons modeling it for me :) The-Crafty-Cupboard


I Hand Embroidered Card Stock Paper :) & I made the little Olaf.



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