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Gluten Free/Nut Free/Peanut Free Cosmetics and Tolietries



*above is there getaway plan kit : GET AWAY PLAN KIT Can be purchased here
This is the brand I went with , i started breaking out with Bareminerals, and when i contacted the company they said they couldnt give me a yes or a no and i called and emailed for days, they said that they couldnt be sure so they adivse i not use them , plus to let you know allot of there prodcuts are NOT gluten free...

This is the Email correspondence from them...

Hello JoAnna,

Thank you for contacting us. Our products are vegan based, free of carmine, nuts, lake dyes, fragrance, bismuth oxychloride and parabens. In our lip gloss, we use a mix of 95% blend of natural mixed tocopherols isolated from soybean oil and concentrated to contain naturally occurring d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma and d-delta tocopherols.

You can always view the ingredients prior to making your purchase. :) Simply click on the product you are interested in, (scroll down) and the ingredient tab will appear at the bottom of the page. Once you click on the ingredient tab, you will see a complete ingredient listing there.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Everyday Minerals

ARE NOT 100% (or ones that are in a tree nut faucilty.)

Alima: so....
(I called them and they said they are GLUTEN.PEANUT.AND TREE NUT FREE), But then i wrote them and got this reponse, and they said they share a faucilty with other cosmetic companies so they can't be sure of coss-contamination..... :(

Simplify Yet Beautify.
That old adage that less is more is the secret to Alima Pure’s success. It sometimes seems that the beauty industry is all about more—more tan, more lashes, more sculpted, more products. But we found that cosmetics don’t need lots of ingredients that you can’t pronounce to bring your inner beauty to the surface. It’s not about what’s in our products; it’s about what’s not. Here’s a little secret we discovered along the way to becoming an international sensation:
Hi JoAnna,
Thank you for contacting Alima Pure. Our products do not contain nuts, peanuts or gluten. However, the facility is not a certified nut-free facility. Please let us know if there is anything additional that we can assist you with.

Have a lovely day!

Kind Regards,
Alima Pure Customer Care

2) Lareinim

 Hi JoAnna,

Our products are free of peanuts and gluten. We have coconut in some of our products. But they are not Nut free , there oils contain (Argan) Kernel Oil!
wow they are wrong some of there products CONTAIN GLUTEN!!! LIKE THERE LIP GLOSS!!!!  (Wheat) germ!!!

There shadows only contain: Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide

Warm regards,


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Red Apple Lipstick
They are gluten free/vegan
There orginal lip stick is not free of ALMOND PRODUCTS BUT THERE LIP GLOSS ARE.

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