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Thursday, October 11, 2012

JoAnna's Rocki'n Kimchi

Hello all here is my Rock'in Kimchie Recipe,  everyday staple in our home!

Health Benifits of Kimchi:
Fermented foods are a really important part of our diet and have been used in many cultures as a way to preserve foods and make them more digestible. Why are fermented foods important? Here's the deal. We all have microflora (bacteria) in our intestine which is absolutely necessary to keep us healthy. In the body, there is "good" bacteria and "bad" bacteria and it's important to keep the "good" bacteria thriving. Fermented foods contain populations of the "good" bacteria that help to keep the microflora balanced. This is necessary because antibiotics are so prevalent in our world (especially in modern agriculture production) and they kill the bacteria in your body, regardless of whether it is "good" or "bad."

*kid approved!  ;)

Hello all here is my Rock'in Kimchie Recipe, Its kinda a mixture of Korean and non-traditional, using Sea Salt instead of Vinegar, I have posted allot of variations too so make it to suit your taste buds, But above all MAKE IT!!!!!  :) its soo good and I everyday staple in our home!

I find that Organic Veggies Ferment allot better, But of course if you cant find everything Organic that is ok, Try to do local all natural if you can! :)

               JoAnna's Rock'in Kimche

To achieve thin and unformed size slices , you can use your Food Processor to slice your veggies as well :)
Big Bowl
4 Clean Mason Jars

Food Processor (optional)
Wooden Rolling Pin or wooden or plastic object for Pounding down the Kimchi.

1 whole Organic Chinese Cabbage (also known as Napa Cabbage)
3 to 4  Dikon Radish or 1 big bunch of Organic Radish's, thinly sliced
1 Bunch of Organic Green Onions, chopped
1 Table of Organic Freshly Grated Ginger Root
4 Cloves or Organic Garlic sliced thinly
3 Organic carrots chopped thinly sliced
4 organic chili peppers , your preference I love using Organic Jalapeno Peppers s (to make it kid freindly try using just one with the seeds.

4Tsp of Sea Salt + alittle more....
1 tsp of Whey per each Mason Jar (if doing a dairy free using your homemade Pro biotic Coconut Yogurt works well! --(OPTIONAL)

More Options that can be used is:
2 tablespoons anchovy or fish sauce (optional) (this is really authentic Korean) but the taste is not for everyone. I normally leave out the Fish Sauce. (RED BOAT IS A GOOD  BRAND)

½ ripe Organic Tart apple (optional)
½ ripe Organic Asian pear (opional)

Cut the Chinese Cabbage by hand in like thin in 1/2 inch strips, then chop up the green onions....
Thinly slice , i use one blade from the food processor to thinly slice the radishes, carrots.

and the grater blade on my processor for my, garlic , , ginger and if using fruit i grate that too, the peppers (i do like to cute those thinly on my own your preference) .

Mix everything together in a bowl throughly :)

Get 4 clean Mason Jars add your Kimchi Mixture divided evenly into the 4 Jars, Take your Perferablly Wooden Object I have a nice small Wooden Rolling Pin that I use the nice rounded Blunt end of it to push down the Kimchi to help the sea salt draw all the juices out of the veggies, I find that that if you about 1/4 tsp of Sea salt to each jar push down alittle more gently this time around and make sure that the very top of your mixture is covered in the sea salt /veggie/fruit/juices, you  want to make sure that its all covered in the liquid.

add the your Preferred Whey if using...

Place a mason jar lid on each Jar and the ring BUT DO NOT CLOSE OR SHUT , you just want to place the lid on and put the rig on so it just keeps the lid from falling off , REMEMBER DO NOT TIGHTEN!

Leave on your counter (or wherever u wish basement ext.....) Allow to Ferment for 3 Days! (so ppl allow theres to ferment for 6-7 days, I perfer the 3 Day Fermentation :) One Fermentation time is complete Store in the Fridge if you leave the Jars UN-OPENED , it wilL last for MONTHS! , But if you do open up the Jar (s) use the product in 2 weeks time :)

Thank you and I Hope you Enjoy!! :)

*ill try adding more pics to this post as well :) Enjoy and let me know how you all like it! I enjoy this More than my Homemade Sauerkraut!! :)

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  1. Your Kimchi looks amazing! I can't wait to try it!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17